UK Gambling Commission

uk gambling commission

The surge in the number of new online casinos 2018 and institutions has allowed people to gamble online, and it is essential to regulate such institutes. There must be a governing body that ensures that the systems installed in betting institutes are fair and not rigged in any manner. The governing authority regulating commercial gambling in Britain is the Gambling Commission. The Gambling Commission of the UK is responsible for ensuring that all the gambling establishments follow the rules and policies so that players playing there are not duped in any manner. It is the responsibility of the organisation to safeguard the interests of the players betting online and in other modes. This was the reason why Gambling Commission of the UK was set up under the Gambling Act 2005. The institute’s major functions involve regulating commercial gambling in Britain in association with the licensing authorities. The Gambling Commission of the UK also regulates National Lottery under the National Lottery Act 1993.

Functions of UK Gambling Commission

Being a body that regulates gambling in the United Kingdom, the Gambling Commission of the UK has several roles and duties to perform. All the establishments including casinos, Bingo, Arcade, Slot Machines, and lottery fall under the jurisdiction of the Gambling Commission.
Some of the major roles performed by the Gambling Commission are:

• Gambling Commission ensures that gamblings in all the establishments are conducted in fair and open manner.

• Gambling Commission is the legal entity which grants licenses to all the gambling operators that offer the services of gambling to players. The commission also has the rights to revoke permits if an institute is found violating the rights or running a scam that can be harmful to players.

• Gambling Commission also advises the government on how gambling-related activities should be handled. It is the commission who is responsible for prosecuting the defaulters in the field of gambling.

• The Gambling Commission must make sure that gaming is not accessible to minors and vulnerable section of the society. This minimises the chance of a gambling problem developing.

• Gambling Commission takes care that no tax is levied on the prize money in betting institutes.

• The Gambling Commission also ascertains the winning amount transferred to the winners’ account in the prescribed time frame.

Why Does Gambling Commission Exist?

With many gambling casinos and other operators out there, the UK Gambling Commission plays a vital role in protecting the rights of players. Under their jurisdiction, no institute can run a betting system that is rigged. The officers of the Gambling Commission conduct periodic checks of systems and software installed in the territory of Great Britain. It is also made sure by the governing authority that winnings of the players are cashed out.

Why is Gambling Commission Important?

Gambling Commission is important because it is the only regulatory body that licenses casinos in the United Kingdom. The commission protects the rights of the players and also conducts periodic checks on the betting software installed in casinos and other gambling institutes. It is important for players to bet their money in casinos that are regulated by the Gambling Commission of the UK.