Wagering Requirement

What are wagering requirements?

Nowadays almost all online casinos UK have wagering requirements. They may be linked to the deposit you make or the bonus you will get or both. Here we will give you the full explanation about what are wagering requirements and why you should pay attention to them.

Wagering requirements explained

The main question here is what are wagering requirements? It is merely the amount of money you will have to wager to be able to withdraw any winning. Wagering requirements have been among us for an extended period of time, and they depend on each casino individually. We are unable to generalise this matter!

Try to remember that wagering requirements are almost always explained when you are registering at an online casino or when you are making the first deposit. They can’t be removed, and they must be obeyed to be able to withdraw any winnings. Some wagering requirements may be defined by time. As such you will have a specific time frame in which you must complete this requirement if you are planning to withdraw any winnings to your account.

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Here we will discuss the two main types of wagering requirements. Both of them are related to the bonus and the deposit you make, but there are some differences. We will use the same example in both cases when the deposit bonus is 300%. Although there is a third bonus which is free spins no wagering requirements.

In the first case, if you deposit £100 and the bonus is 300% you will get additional £300, so you will have £400 in total in your account. If the wagering requirement is four times, it means that you will have to wager £1600 to be able to withdraw the funds. This is the wagering requirement which applies to the deposit and the bonus you get!

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In the second case, we have a wagering requirement which applies to the bonus only. If you deposit the same amount of money as we have mentioned and the bonus is 300%, you will get additional £300 available. If the wagering requirement is once again four times, you will have to spend £1200 to be able to withdraw funds.

For most players, a wagering requirement which applies to the bonus amount only is a preferable option. After all, you will have to wager a lower amount of money before you can withdraw.

Wagering requirements slots

The last matter to explain is the link between the slots and the wagering requirements. Most casinos will require from you to wager the money on a specific slots complete the wagering requirements. However, this isn’t the case with all casinos, and in some cases, you are free to wager on any game you find interesting.

Now you know all about what are wagering requirements, and you are free to make the first deposit, get the bonus and start winning without thinking of the wagering requirements as something repelling!

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