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Top Five Adventure Casinos

The online casino industry is a dynamic, innovative sector that has evolved hugely in a relatively short space of time. Lest we forget that the entire concept has only been around for a couple of decades at most. The advent of mobile gaming is the most monumental development of the past decade or so, but it’s not the only one. Some casino brands have sought other ways of engaging a new breed of player. This environment has given rise to the adventure casinos. But what exactly are they?

Adventure Casinos

Adventure Casinos aim to offer players a more immersive and ‘joined up’ gaming experience. Whereas each visit a player makes to a traditional online casino is a stand-alone event unrelated to another gaming session that came before it (and those that follow), each visit to an adventure casino contributes to a wider story.
Typically, you’ll be asked to fulfil a series of challenges. As you complete the challenges, you’ll collect bonuses and other rewards, but also unlock new games and areas of the online casino. In this regard, adventure casinos have drawn inspiration from tradition video games, particularly RPGs. The more time you spend at an adventure casino, the more immersive the experience.

Adventure casinos are a fairly new phenomenon. They also remain quite a niche, although not necessarily due to a lack of demand. Put simply; adventure casinos are harder to conceptualise, design and launch. Decent design and development can knock out a classic casino quite easily, but an adventure casino needs to tell a story. That takes time and thought. Only the cream rises to the top. That’s why I’ve identified the top five adventure casinos on your behalf.


There’s only one place to start really. Casumo can rightly claim the title of the first even adventure casino, and it remains the best. Its cute cartoon graphics and vibrant design provide the perfect platform for a dizzy cocktail of great games, daily reel races, regular rewards and unique bonuses. It’s a platform that’s better experienced than described. A huge number of players swear by Casumo. If you’ve never tried it, then you’re truly missing out. They also occasionally offer 50 free spins no deposit uk promotions. So keep an eye on them!

Casino Heroes

Now for a personal favourite, the remarkably detailed and extensive Casino Heroes. This online casino has drawn inspiration from a mind-boggling number of sources. You register, you pick a character (most of whom are based upon popular culture icons like Yoda, Indiana Jones and Lara Croft) and start playing with your no deposit cash bonus. You immediately plunged into a map, from which you will start exploring the Casino Heroes world. As you play, you’ll make progress towards the next area of the world, where a boss waits. Defeat him, and you unlock the next section. You gain rewards and bonuses every step of the way.


Of all the adventure casinos that have popped up over recent years, Kaboo is the most unique. Its science fiction theme features monsters and ghouls that appeal to the all our inner geeks, while the casino journey is a joined-up experience revolving around the pursuit of ‘echoes’. Echoes are effectively Kaboo’s very one currency and form the lion’s share of the casino’s bonuses. While the dark, brooding atmosphere at Kaboo may not be for everyone, it’s an inspired design that has found a huge and happy audience amongst regular online casino players.


Fantasino is the newest adventure casino on this list and a welcome addition to the genre. It invites you into a fantasy world (yes, you may have guessed from the title) full of enigmatic characters and heaps of fun. As you play, you will increase your ‘Trebol’ skill level and unlock new bonuses and other treats. You will also receive daily challenges and quests that will test your mettle and encourage you to play more regularly. The first thing you’ll notice about this casino is just how pretty it looks; it’s one of the very best new platforms of recent years. There’s plenty of substance beneath the style though, Fantasino is a natural sibling of Casumo, and you’ll enjoy the immersive experience it offers.


Ok, so I may be pushing it a bit by declaring Cashmio a full-blown adventure casino. However, this is a site that borrows some elements of adventure casinos and combines them with the best elements of traditional casinos. It’s another wonderfully designed, cartoon-inspired platform that’s immensely enjoyable to play and super easy to pick up. You receive daily missions that reward you with bonuses, and you’re never without a challenge. That’s pretty adventurey to me if indeed adventurey is a word. It might lack some of the depth of the out and out adventure casinos, but it offers a joined-up casino journey that I love.

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