Tips To Increase Your Chances Of Winning On Slot Machines

Slot Machine Tips

Playing slot machines without knowing the few tips and advice we will reveal to you will undoubtedly be a mess. There are no magic one for all tips and tricks. Especially when you learn that you can increase your chances of winning big by reading our tips below. We have all known for decades that there are tricks to try to make money on slot machines.

We do not calculate the number of false rumours circulating this or that slot machine, and we can not say that there is a reliable solution to be sure to win. But in any case, some tips can maximise profit without having to bet too much money. It is even possible to use offers like “free spins no deposit” and win real cash.

slot machines

It is not for nothing that, for many years, slot machines have quickly found themselves as the most popular games, whether in hard casinos or online casinos available everywhere on the internet, via pc, digital tablet or of course Smartphones.

If these games are successful, it is partly because of their simplicity. Indeed, it must be admitted that unlike other more regulated games, slot machines do not require any specialised knowledge and no strategy since everything is played around luck. From the start, everyone is faced with a slot machine in the same position and therefore equality of opportunity that can not be denied. But you still have to increase those odds … and that’s why, if you’re hoping to win money, you should listen to some tips that may ultimately prove to be very useful and lucrative for you.

Winning at slot machines

The first thing to know, and that remains essential is to understand the characteristics of the slot machine on which you go to play. The machines all incorporate random number generators. This is put in place logically so that players can not predict when a winning combination is displayed. Normal you say, but did you know that each slot machine is different from another? When playing online, we are much more likely to focus on these properties while in the casinos hard, it often departs this step which is still essential in the process of increasing the chance to win.

The first thing to do is to discover what are the winnings that the slot offers to win. It is not very difficult since each game displays it in big size or its conditions, but it will also be necessary to analyse which combination corresponds to which gain. Then you only need to find out about the type of variant that the slot machine uses.

Nothing too complicated here since this area is divided into a few easily identifiable categories such as the bonus machine, the progressive jackpot machine, the fixed jackpot machine or the multiplier machine. The most critical element to find at this beginning of investigation will be essential to try to obtain capital information, namely the rate of redistribution to the players.

It is interesting to note on this occasion, if you dream of playing in a casino on a boat like the River Belle, that this rate of redistribution of the slot machines is capped at 80%, unlike the hard casinos or online casinos. This is mainly due to the “water game” legislation in the US, while the payout rates to players are almost the same as online or casinos in any other country where they are licensed, on the boat-casinos off Hong Kong. However, note that on Casino777 the redistribution rate in 2016 was capped at 98.3%. It will then be almost essential that you determine your mode of play and your priority objective. It goes without saying that you want to make money at slot machines, so you don

Bet small

In this case, we advise you to orient yourself on machines that offer a fixed jackpot. This machine will offer you gains inevitably less critical, but much more frequent.

Bet big

While there, we can only advise you to turn to progressive jackpot slots, potentially more generous in gain and especially in a big jackpot. See the number of jackpots awarded per month and sometimes exceeding the million dollars/euros, won by some players with very little investment, on this kind of slot!

Slot Machine Tips

Set a limit

This is a trick that may seem out of date, but still significant, because you have to know that an outstanding player will always be a player who knows his limits, knowing exactly how much he is ready to play on the machine.


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